An IMETRIX solution for every need and budget.

IMETRIX Asset Inventory

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Scan asset-attached bar codes with iPhone or Android phone/device.  Automatically synchronize with your IMETRIX Cloud system to quickly reconcile asset inventory.

IMETRIX Asset Tracking

+ Fast Inventories

Everything in IMETRIX Asset Inventory plus new IMETRIX XRR technology enabling you to quickly inventory powered and non-powered assets using your iPhone... driving through the asset yard as you drink your morning coffee.  Also included are IMETRIX Mobile Apps to help reduce safety issues, quickly capture asset damage and reduce asset fuel loss.

IMETRIX Asset Management

+ Tracking Everywhere

Add to IMETRIX Asset Tracking the ability to automatically capture asset "data feeds", providing inventory location and machine hours anytime; anywhere.  For those renting assets to others, IMETRIX Delegated Access enables rental customers to keep track of assets rented to them.  IMETRIX Integration allows IMETRIX and existing computer systems to "talk" to one another... sharing asset-related information.

IMETRIX® High Value Asset Tracking; Data Aggregation & Systems Integration


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