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Some start with Bar Codes

Ruggedized Bar Codes are relatively inexpensive and easy to apply.  For years IMETRIX inventory reconciliation and other processes used bar codes exclusively to enable customers to scan assets for inventory, shipping, receiving, inspections and to capture pictures of their machinery, tools and other expensive equipment. 

Bar Coding

Considering RFID?


We did… and began integrating RFID technology into IMETRIX.  Unfortunately, RFID tag read range was far short of that needed for our forthcoming autonomous inventory solution. IMETRIX RFID was shelved, and the search continued for a cutting edge ID tag technology... without a monthly cellular plan. Ultimately a solid, yet little known non-cellular technology called BLE was selected. Combining raw BLE technology with extensive IMETRIX programming and configuration produced the desired result - a high-read volume, long-range, automated asset inventory solution: IMETRIX XRR (details below).

Considering RFID

IMETRIX XRR Automated Inventory

IMETRIX XRR Slim (blue) - Edited.png

(New non-cellular technology)

The IMETRIX XRR iPhone app can read hundreds of preassigned asset-attached, non-cellular XRR tags in a matter of seconds - as fast as you can walk or drive, at distances over a football field away.  For totally autonomous inventories, pole or building mounted IMETRIX XRR stationary readers automatically inventory all yard assets at predefined times during the day. The IMETRIX Missing Assets app then displays lost or misplaced assets, so they can be quickly found before straying too far.

IMETRIX LTE Tracker (battery)

Optional Tracking Devices

IMETRIX tracking devices are available for machines and other equipment without API capabilities.  Two types of these chalkboard eraser-sized cellular devices are available: wired units for use with powered machines; and battery-operated devices for assets such as trailers, survey equipment, etc. Each device captures asset location at a scheduled time - anywhere Verizon cellular signal is available.

LTE Devices

Add available APIs


Some machines from companies such as Caterpillar™, Deere™, Komatsu™, Volvo™ and others have telematics devices onboard to provide machine hours, fault codes, etc.  IMETRIX can automatically capture machine location from these devices on a pre-defined basis for inventory purposes.

BLE Asset Inventory

IMETRIX asset ID technologies all work together as one, keeping close track of constantly moving assets.

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