An IMETRIX solution for every need and budget.


IMETRIX Asset Locate

Daily tracking of powered and non-powered assets, regardless of type or brand... including ProductLink™, JDLink™, Komtrax™, CareTrack™ and Verizon Connect.  Asset powered and/or battery powered asset-attached tracking devices automatically forward asset location and hours for viewing in the IMETRIX Portal, via the secure IMETRIX Cloud.



IMETRIX Asset Tracking  (XRR: Coming 6-1-2020)

Proprietary IMETRIX XRR technology enables iOS/Android devices to simultaneously read numerous asset-attached IMETRIX XRR tags 100' away... capturing inventory while driving through an asset yard drinking a morning cup of coffee.  Also included: IMETRIX iOS/Android Bar Code scanning apps for inventory, asset movement, and asset damage and safety identification.


IMETRIX Asset Management

Combines automated asset tracking capabilities of IMETRIX Asset Locate with iOS/Android-based apps included in IMETRIX Asset Tracking providing a total Asset Management solution.  IMETRIX Delegated Access - for rental customer rented assets tracking, and IMETRIX Integration interface capabilities are also included.

IMETRIX® High Value Asset Tracking; Data Aggregation & Systems Integration


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