IMETRIX Tracking solutions are quick to implement and easy to use. Phone and e-mail support is included. IMETRIX is tailorable and scaleable to adapt to customer needs. With pricing based on number of assets tracked, IMETRIX is affordable for every size of business.

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IMETRIX Automated Asset Tracking

Two options are available: 1) IMETRIX powered and non-powered devices attached to machines, equipment, vehicles and trailers; 2) Data feeds captured from devices offered by manufactures such as Caterpillar®, Deere®, Komatsu® and Volvo®; and Verizon® data devices.  Both options automatically forward asset data including location and machine hours to the IMETRIX Cloud for instant IMETRIX Portal access.


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IMETRIX Labor-less Asset Tracking

Proprietary IMETRIX XRR technology enables an iPhone to read large quantities of asset-attached IMETRIX XRR tags 100' away - capturing inventory while driving through an equipment yard... or from a drone.  Also included are bar code scanning apps to assign XRR tags or bar codes to equipment; physical inventory; equipment movement; sales / damage pictures and safety inspections.


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Both, plus more...


IMETRIX Asset Management

Combine IMETRIX Automated Asset Tracking with Labor-less Asset Tracking for a total IMETRIX Asset Management solution.  Additional options include IMETRIX integration with other systems and Delegated Access - enabling 3rd parties to track assigned customer assets.

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IMETRIX Bar Code-based asset tracking is also available.

IMETRIX® High Value Asset Tracking; Data Aggregation & Systems Integration


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