High value assets that move or can be moved are everywhere.  Some are powered, others are not.  IMETRIX helps track them all.

Business 101: You can't use, rent or sell what you can't find.

Equipment, Tools and Machinery
Construction Equipment and other Rental Assets
Construction Equipment Sales Dealers
Utility Equipment, Generators and Poles
Survey Equipment
Portable Generators and Mobile Power Systems
Storage and Shipping Containers
Farm and Ag-related Tools and Equipment
Test, Measurement and Signaling Equipment
Semi Trailers and Tractors
Individually SKU'd Items, Containers, etc.
Computer Server and Communication Devices
Factory Machinery and Equipment
Medical Devices and Equipment
Cattle, Horses and other Livestock
Office Furniture, Cubicle Systems and Chairs
Trucks, Vans and related Fleets
Ag-related Equipment, Anhydrous trailers, etc.
Bulk Beverage Containers
Auto, Truck, Trailer and other Dealers
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IMETRIX® High Value Asset Tracking; Data Aggregation & Systems Integration


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