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IMETRIX Benefits

Benefits... all day;
every day.


More Time

Daily IMETRIX automated inventories all but eliminates the recurring labor spent conducting and reconciling manual monthly, quarterly or annual inventories. In addition, it provides confidence the asset inventory location in your system is accurate... reducing the time staff spends searching yards so an asset can be allocated to a job, or in some cases, confirming an asset can be rented or sold.

IMETRIX More Money

 More Money 

Daily IMETRIX automated inventories identify misplaced or lost assets before they can stray too far, greatly reducing asset write-offs... saving money. Reduced write-offs also decreases the money spent purchasing replacements, and the rental of temporary substitutes.

IMETRIX More Opportunities

 More Opportunities

Daily IMETRIX automated inventories build confidence that an asset actually exists, without the need to make a phone call or walk out to the yard to verify. This enables rentals, sales or job scheduling to occur quickly, before the opportunity escapes which helps increase rental, sale and utilization revenue.

IMETRIX Enhanced Safety

Enhanced Safety

Daily IMETRIX Automated inventories all but eliminates the need for certain recurring labor activities. Reduced labor translates into less opportunities for safety-related issues to occur which, in-turn, increases safety.

IMETRIX Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

Daily IMETRIX Automated inventories eliminates the need for certain recurring labor activities including manual asset inventories and downtime while assets are located, or replacement assets are purchased. IMETRIX automates the asset inventory process, enabling staff to spend more time on activities that make money.

IMETRIX Quick ROI / Payback

Quick ROI

In addition to time, labor and other savings, annual IMETRIX investment is often less than... 

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